The symbol of humour

I wonder why donkey is the symbol of humour. I drew this brown one to remember Nasrettin Hoca.



Streetart in Beyoğlu

It is a huge wall painting, not painting, a kind of graffiti art from a Beyoğlu street. I have never noticed this building when it was bare.



Back again…


After a long brake I am back again…

I made a new notebook cover with my illustration. The notebook became more cool! This is my 2013 sketch notebook.

By the way check this site out:


Book Review: Universal Principles of Design

This book can be defined as a simple summary of a complex subject: design. No matter which area of design is discussed, the best rules are gathered, carefully sampled and fluently listed. For anyone who is beginner in design work or who needs to be calibrated after a long design practice should get this book. Although cover of the book doesn’t look very enjoyable, index is quite satisfied. You can also find some psychological and perceptual clues of design which are unseen sides in everyday life.

 Authors; William LidwellKritina HoldenJill Butler